Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Friday: Summer to Fall

It happens every year in Wyoming.

We have these A.MAZING August feeling October days one minute and then next thing you know, WHAM the temperature drops 36 degrees.

So what's a girl to wear on summer feeling fall days that drop to into the freeze zone with a little cloud cover?

Easy.  You work your summer gear into fall.

Here are some EASY peasy outfit combos!

1 summer dress/skirt + jean jacket/cardi + scarf/statement necklace + tights + boots= soft layers

1 button down blouse + sweater vest + dress shorts + tights + boots + cardi/blazer= sassy layers

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

jeans + 1-2 layering Ts + blazer + scarf= take off/add on when those temps gets schizo layers

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

See.  Simple formulas make dressing easy :)

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