Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Friday: Orange

Orange. My sister's favorite color--and for good reason because no one makes orange look as good as she does.

But we can try.  And this fall, you can count on varying shades of orange ... from nude peaches to deep burnt orange ... to show up in scarves, sweaters, jewelry, and tights.

For a country-chic look (and to take summer into fall) take a summer dress, add a jean jacket (or cardi), scarf, tights, and boots and WA-LA ... hello awesomeness!

Keeping it light, cool, and super casual (yet so darn cute!)

Beautiful business casual

And as a feast for your eyes, some orange statement pieces I'd love to rock (or that have been rocked well by others!)

So, guess what color I love this fall? Anyone? Anyone? Buellar?


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