Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love: A quick cleaning tool

Here's a gripe.

I can't stand Swiffers.  I don't like Swiffer Sweepers.  I don't like the little Swiffer duster thingy.  I just don't like Swiffer stuff.

Here's why: They do the exact same thing a can of Pledge, a rag, and a mop with water can do BUT they produce so much more landfill waste.  They drive me crazy.

But I have a problem and he is 2.  This two year old regularly makes my wood floors look like a sticky tie-dye shirt.  Don't laugh; it's true.  By lunch time it's not uncommon to have yogurt, mandarin orange juice, granulated Jell-O (don't ask), and pet hair gobbed onto my floor.

So I lug out the bucket and the water and mop.  Not a great process to do a couple of times a day but I don't want to take the less-green Swiffer short cut.  So I don't.

When I was staying with my sister she introduced me to the Rubbermaid Reveal {swoon}.  It's a green version of a Swiffer.  Put a little white vinegar and water in the dispenser, squirt, and run the mop head over the goo.  Goo gone.  YAY!

Even better, when the mop head gets icky, simply throw it in the laundry.  No more landfill fill!

Now I won't lie, this sucker isn't good for deep cleaning. You are still going to need to actually mop or do a hands-n-knees floor scrubbing every now and then BUT with the Rubbermaid Reveal, there's no need to break out the mop 2 times a day.  Winning!


  1. I've been using washcloths on my swiffer for over a year for that reason. The cheapo thin washcloths fit onto it perfectly. :)

  2. Love this! We have resisted getting a swiffer sweeper so far for the very same reasons. I'm going to have to check this out.


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