Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: Scarf Obsession

As we move into the fall fashion scene, there are lots of changes and lots of stuff not changing.

Changing--Military is out; preppy-chic is in.  Snake print is the new leopard.  Hot colors are teal, orange, and mustard (more on this later).

Staying: fur vests, scarves, boots, and bold color.

I for one LOVE the fall colors and I'm sooooo happy scarves will be staying with us for the season.  Here's how to work a scarf into your causal, go to the farmer's market gear and into a day at work outfit.

Casual Gear with Scarf

Work Day with Scarf

Printed. Fur. Infinity. Knit. Silk. Scarves are so hot right now (and so versatile so add one or ten to your wardrobe)

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  1. Let's get some fur at JoAnns and make those scarves! Also, you can buy me that first outfit anytime you want. I'll send over my sizes. Because I'm helpful like that.


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