Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday: Mustard


One day Ms. Lewinski went to her favorite cleaners. She said to the owner, "I have another dress for you to clean".

Being hard of hearing, he replied, "Come again?"

"No", Lewinsky said, "Mustard!"

Oh dear.  Sorry about that.  There are just so few times in life when it's appropriate to tell a mustard joke.

Remember how I told you that teal was going to be a hot color this fall?  Well so is mustard.  No, not yellow--mustard.  Deep, bold, rich mustard.  Now, if only the color had a cooler name than mustard.  {Sigh}

Pick a small piece--tights, a bag, earrings or go bold with a big piece--cardigan or dress.  Whatever you decide ... rock it!

Mustard and Teal

Mustard Cardi takes a summer dress to fall

Mustard Tights--OBVIOUSLY!

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