Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Days of Play: Pour Painting

Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest?  Well I do.  Here's another craft idea I found from stalking other people's boards.

Pour Painting.

Photo from Housing a Forest

This is such a fast and unique art project.  To make this you will need a drop cloth, old plastic table cloth, newspapers ... do you get what I'm not saying here?  It's gonna be a fun mess.  Prepare.

You'll also need some cheap paint (bright house paint?) and matting board (DO NOT use regular paper here).

To make this you essentially have your kids lay down drops of color on the matting.  Then pick up the matting and move it this way and that until the desired movement of art is complete.  Let dry at least over night.

For more details and photo instructions, head to Housing A Forest <---Yes, that's a link you can click

Have some messy fun painting with your kiddos!

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