Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Days of Play: Mod Podge Hand Trees

Things I'm obsessed with:
1.  Mod Podge
2.  Fall
3.  Artwork
4.  Handprints.

Things I love?

THIS activity because it combines the aforementioned 4 obsessions.  YAY!

I found this activity on pinterest and then went to the blog At Second Street for directions because it was, well, love at first sight.
Photo from At Second Street

Yes that's right.  Those are handprint trees made from fabric.

In general this will take a bit more time than the normal "days of play" activities I post.  BUT it will be a life-long heirloom documenting the size of your children's hands.  And it's art.  And it's beautiful.  And you get to play with Mod Podge.

Convinced?  Click a blue link.  Go.  Get directions.  Create.  Reminisce.  Make a Christmas gift Grandma's will cry at.

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