Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fashion: A Trend I Hope Slithers Away Soon

I'm all about animal print.  A little leopard shoe, belt, or scarf can add serious WOW factor to any outfit.  A little zebra says I'm sassy but sophisticated.

This fall, look out for snake print.  It's gonna be the new hot animal print.

I have a confession.

I hate snake print.  

I feel oddly better admitting that.

I think my disdain of this particular pattern stems from a huge fear and loathing of the slithery little guys.  I don't want to wear anything that would make my husband (who is uber scared of snakes) to jump onto the counter screeching like a scared child.

However, we are all different so if you insist on wearing snake print the same rules for other animal prints follow.

1.  If your main piece is an animal print, keep everything else S.I.M.P.L.E.!

2.  Use small pieces--like a belt, shoe, or bag, to add drama to an otherwise causal outfit.

3. Wear animal prints to the office, to church, for work and for play.  Don't be afraid to pair patterns!

Some other looks you might love (excuse me while I throw up).


  1. That's it. I'm officially hunting down some snake print clothing so the next time I come over to your house I can watch Matt jump onto your counter screeching. :)

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