Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Days of Play: First Day of School

My eldest child is starting kindergarden TODAY.

Excuse me while I break into tears and pour a glass of wine (that's okay at 9:30 a.m. this one day only, right?).

The only thing I wanna do now is memorialize this moment--like with a handprint.

Here are some ideas:

Palm Apple
To make this, you get a piece of white paper and red paint.  Paint just the PALM of your kiddo's hand and put it on the paper.  Add the stem and leaf.  Wa La--first day of school print.

Of course you could make the classic apple tree.  I think just looking at this photo is description enough.

I guess plan C is to refuse to send your child to school.  {Sigh} Fine.  I'll stick with the apple prints.

(In other fun news today is my parent's wedding anniversary AND my brother-in-law's birthday!)


  1. I remember when you just found out you were pregnant with her. It was just after your cruise with your parents for spring break. You were so excited, and so sick. I remember hearing about how much Matt was helping with dinner because the smells made it worse. :) Congratulations on having a kindergardner, and I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. You and your family are in my prayers.

  2. Thank you, LIndsey. What Lindsey is this? I had some students named LIndsey ... are you one of them? If so, HOW FUN!


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