Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Think About: Sister Ears

So a few weeks ago my sister sent me this message on Facebook.  Literally.  I copied and pasted this comment from Facebook.

So, Ella just informed me that she can understand things that Jori says when I can't because she has "sister ears." The more I think about it, the more profound those words are becoming to me. So, I wanted to tell you thank you for always having your extraordinary "sister ears" and for always just "getting me." (Is it just me or did I over use quote marks? Geesh)
Despite the fact that my sister and I both like to start sentences with "so" I just had to comment on this, um, comment.

The past few weeks, or maybe years, have just been a little hard for me what with being in school, having young children, my mom being sick ...  While I have great friends and an amazing husband and supportive in-laws (yes, you read that correctly), sometimes the only person who can really "hear" me is my sister (quotation mark over use runs in the family.  So does insanity).

I can call her when I'm ready to cry and she instantly knows if she should get me to laugh or let me cry.   She knows when she can cry with me and when she has to be strong.  She knows when she can laugh with me and when she can laugh at me. She gives advice when I need it but withholds it when I don't.  She even knows the right things to say and do when I simply can't share with her what's wrong.  Sometimes I literally just call her up and say I'm blue and that's as far as I go.  And it's enough.

Because somehow her sister ears are tuned into my heart and she just gets me in a way that perhaps no one else can.

We've danced on paths of joy; we have walked on paths of sorrow.  We have been best friends; we have been enemies.  We are oil and water.  If you just read that you'll see one common denominator.  We have always been we.

We are sisters.  Best friends.  Kindred spirits.

What I think is that my sister, and her sister ears have monumentally made an impact on my life.  I wouldn't be the woman I am if she wasn't the woman she is.

Randean, thank you for your sister ears.

Have a sister?  Leave a comment about your favorite memory of her--or the time she helped you most.  Forward a link to this blog to her just to say, "Hey, thanks for being who you are."

Thanks to Shell for hosting random heart thoughts!


  1. What a beautiful post and tribute to your sister!

  2. Beautifully written Reagan!! While I don't have a "natural born sister" (notice I'm following your lead on quotation marks!), I AM lucky enough to have a best friend that has sister ears! It takes a truly amazing person to fill that role...

  3. What an amazing relationship you have! It must be wonderful to know she is there hearing and listening

  4. This is so sweet! You are very lucky to have her!


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