Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Love: Roller Derby

I've had one friend since I was entering kindergarten and we still talk.  I'm sorry but how awesome is that?

Of course that seems to have nothing to do with roller derby but it does, I promise.

See here in Wyoming we don't have a huge population and the population that loves roller derby is considerably smaller.  But my friend (the one from pre-k days) started a team in her town and now there are several in Wyoming and they get together and do bouts and share profits with charities.  It's awesome.

Reagan and Jina--28 years of friendship
If you don't know anything about roller derby then let me first say "WHAT?" Second, let me explain that it is a contact sport for hot women on roller skates.  There are jammers and blockers and refs.  Crazy uniforms and nicknames are essential.

It's kinda like a musical where you also get to kick ass. A. Mazing.

Anyhow I just love that there is an activity where women can get out, get in shape, rough each other up, have fun, and bring out the crowds while helping people.

If you see a sign for a derby, go. You'll thank me.

In the mean time, talk derby to me!

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