Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Love: I {Heart} Radio

Here's a shocking truth.

I hate the radio.

Really there is never anything on I like.  It's always the same lame songs over and over and over.  I've had it up to HERE (imagine me with my arm over my head) with Nickleback, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga!  Blech.

So as a rule of thumb I don't listen to the radio,

Unless I'm in Denver and then I can listen to 93.3

People, this is the I Ching of radio stations. All modern alternative rock all the time (except for 11 pm when they play electronic/techno music.  I skip that).

I kept trying to convince Matt that we need to move to Denver so I can have a good radio station. But apparently that's not a good idea since he'd have to get a new job and we'd have to sell our house and make new friends and stuff.  Apparently his priorities are mixed up :)

Anyhow, one day I was stalking the 93.3 playlists--you know, to torture myself--and I found a play online button.  WHAT?

I clicked, it took me to an I HEART RADIO app which I promptly downloaded.  Now every now and then this app will crash but overall, I love it.  Lovey, love, love-love-LOVE it!  I can listen to 93.3 anytime, anywhere.

Thank you I Heart Radio.  I heart you!


  1. We listen to yahoo radio at night and I would imagine that station is there too!!! I listen to Sirius in the car because I can't handle the overplaying of songs too. I still don't like "Wake me up when September Ends" by Green Day because a radio station ruined it 2-3 years ago...

  2. So with you Sarah! I feel the same way about Bittersweet Symphony"


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