Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Love: Cheesecake

Have I ever mentioned I love cheesecake?

Oh, just a few hundred times?  Well then, let me remind you, I LOVE CHEESECAKE.

Seriously, love it.  Like if I had to pick between my iPhone and cheesecake I might need counseling.

So when I had surgery a few weeks ago Sarah from Frontier Kitchen decided to whip me up a cheesecake to help make me feel better.

(At this point I should totally point out that I have the BEST friends ever. I mean, some people bring you icky tater-tot casseroles when you are out of commission but you know what my friends do?  They take care of my kids, clean my house, make sure I'm on the right meds and BRING ME CHEESECAKE!).

Anyhow, Sarah whipped up this lemon-blueberry dream.  She literally brought me the whole cheesecake.  And I ate it.  Like all of it.  It was that good.  In fact, I'm considering another surgery just so she'll take pity on me and make me another one.

Because I love cheesecake that much. 

Now, which organs are optional?

Yep, this is literally MY cheesecake.  Isn't it amazing. So drool worthy.

Want the recipe?  Click here  <----yep, click that link and you'll go right to Frontier Kitchen and this recipe.  One more fun tidbit, in this recipe post when Sarah says she was at a casual 4th of July party, she was at my house :)


  1. That sounds heavenly but I don't really think any of your organs are optional! ;) (I have to say that though, I'm a nurse!)

  2. I'm glad you love cheesecake so much. It makes me ridiculously happy when people like my food.


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