Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days of Play: 3 Simple Steps {That's All You Need}

Any Special Agent Oso fans out there?


Well, I don't blame you.  That bear drives me nuts.  But my kids sure like him.

Anyhow not too long ago Oso gave three simple steps for making fruit pops.

1.  Get an ice cube tray
2.  Put a sliced banana in each tray and spear it through with a toothpick (He didn't think that all the way through.  In my humble mom-pinion, toddlers shouldn't have toothpicks.  But I might be over-protective).
3.  Pour Orange Juice into each little ice cube/banana slot and freeze.

Wa-la--a healthy fruit pop.

Make those today.  It's easy enough to do with kids and fast enough to get it done without regretting your decision to cook with your kids :)

If you feel more adventurous, how about these?
Yep, that photo is from Our Best Bites and, like always, they have a huge assortment of pudding pops you can make with your kids.  They might take more than three steps but they'll taste delicious.  And if you hurry over there, you might get the stupid "three special steps, that's all you need" song out of your head (if you are lucky.)

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