Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Think About: Having People Who are There for You

Yesterday I mentioned that I had to have surgery.  It went well (I think.  I'm actually writing this at 1:30 am on Tuesday morning so I'm just assuming that the surgery went well.  If I died I've left Matt with directions to delete this blog.  If you're reading it, I'm still kicking.  Wow.  I must not blog so late at night ...).

Anyhoo--I found out last week that I was going to have surgery and instantly morphed into this wild woman with a pit in my stomach.  I was nervous as a turkey at Thanksgiving!  Really, I could hardly be contained by my skin.

So I did what I could do.  I called my friends and forced them to meet me for play dates.  And then I invited myself over to their houses and made them unleash me on toys that needed organized.  As much as possible, I let my friends help me forget what was coming or the fears in my heart. 

When I told my sister about the surgery, she decided to pack up her kids and drive to my house so she could care for me, the kids, the house, and the hubs while I'm out of commission.

And it dawned on me today as my friend Kim called and prayed for me, that I have a hard time asking for help.  Really, I love to help others but don't love to receive it.  It's a pride thing.  But right now I need help.  And I have it.

What I think is that I'm blessed to have people who are there for me. 

Thank you to Randean, Beth, Sarah, Krista, and Kim for being there for me!

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