Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I Love: Thunder Storms

Tonight the sky turned dark and pink. The sun was setting and clouds rolled in. Then the show started.

Accompanied by a symphony of wind and the steady rumble of heavenly drums, light danced across the sky in graceful yet frenzied movement.

Left. Right. Alone. In pairs. The light streaked in slim lines at times while illuminating whole cloud banks other times.

Rain fell gently renewing the dry ground and filling the earth with perhaps the most delicious and intoxicating smell ever.

I stood staring at the beauty from the sliding glass door in my kitchen and I was, for once, without words.

There is, perhaps, nothing lovelier than a summer thunder storm.

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  1. I LOVE thunderstorms!! Sounds like you had a great show. Btw, it looks like I might be road tripping out to Yellowstone in August. Would love to meet up for me.


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