Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Days of Play: Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

We have a chance of rain every day this week.  Yes, I'm doing a happy dance.  Sorry, I'm that girl who prefers 60 and rain to 80s with sun. 

If you are stuck inside on a rainy day it can be hard to entertain little ones.  At our house, a scavenger hunt always goes a long way.  What I like is how quickly I can whip up a hunt.  No need for maps or lists--simply pick an attribute of an item, give kids a grocery sack, set a timer, and send them off into the house to gather anything that meets the criteria.

For example, have kids find things that are: blue (or any other color), round (or any other shape), small (or any other size), soft (or another texture), etc.  Feel free to give younger children an easier task (color) and older children a more difficult task (90' triangles) to make this activity work for all kids in the house.

When time is up, empty bags and go through what your kiddos found.  Then put everything back TOGETHER and have some special "treasure" as a reward for a hunt well done.

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