Friday, June 24, 2011

Date Night {IN}--The Yogurt Edition

So this is gonna seem totally weird but we love yogurt.  So we did a yogurt date.  If you don't like yogurt feel free to substitute the yogurt with chocolate syrup, pudding, honey ---whatever floats your boat.

What you need:
  • Some time sans kiddos
  • yogurt
  • paper scraps with one letter A-Z written on the scrap
  • hat to put scraps in
  • dice
What to do:
  1. On scraps of paper, write one letter and then put the scraps of paper into a hat.
  2. Set the scene--we made a comfy little pallet on the floor in front of the fire, turned on the Airborne Toxic Event station on Pandora, and lit candles.
  3. Get into as little clothing as you are comfortable with.
  4. So to play, take turns drawing a letter out of the hat.  Let's say you pull out "T".  You have to find a part on your spouse's body that starts with that letter (tummy, tongue, toes, tibia...), put some yogurt on it, and lick it off.  Here's the catch, you can use silly names or body parts (like funny bone for F) or secret names (I could give you an example but then I'd have to kill you).  You want to think of the most difficult name possible because your spouse has to guess why you chose that location (which is why I'd pick tibia over tummy for T).  If he guesses wrong, roll the dice and he owes you that many minutes worth of back rub, foot rub, hair plays, etc.  
  5. Finish the date with a hot shower because you'll be sticky :)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like fun - and with minimal clothing required, I just might be able to talk Khale into it. :)


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