Monday, June 13, 2011

The bus, the bus, the bus is on fire

Last week I spent time at Quaker Ridge in Colorado for WYLDlife camp. Ropes courses, horseback riding, shaving cream and flour fights, human bowling, singing, swimming ... I had about as much fun as you can possibly have in one week.

There was only one small hiccup in the whole week (which is pretty darn good).

Our bus burned to the ground.

Yep--you read that correctly. Last Monday our tour bus got a flat which started the bus on fire. We had to get 50 kids/leaders and their bags off the bus. Yours truely was the baggage hero who literally crawled under the bus(remember, it's on fire) to remove all the bags. I tossed them out and the kids--working as an amazing team--formed an assembly line of sorts to pass the bags down the highway to safety.

We got the bags out and ran down the highway right about the time tires and gas tanks started exploding. Aside from a scraped knee (and sore throats/lungs from the smoke) there were no injuries!

Sadly we had to wait for about 3 hours for another bus to come get us but we did eventually get to camp. Some people might call this a tragedy but I love that this experience brought us together as a group. It solidified our trust in one another. It reminded me that my God is mighty to save!

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  1. That is the craziest camp story I have ever heard in my life. It really is a miracle that none of you (especially you, you crazy bag lady) were hurt.


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