Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Friday--Hide Your Tummy!

Whether you are generally slender with some leftover "mom tummy" or you are a bit on the heavy side all over, there are ways to hide your tummy.

Be advised, however, that this is all just an optical illusion.  If you really want to look like you don't have a big tummy, you'll need to work that sucker off.  And for that I suggest Elise Gulan's Straight to the Core 10 minute ab video!

But in the mean time,  create the appearance of a smaller tummy by defining your waist with structured clothing.

1. Get the girls up where they belong.  A good bra might cost but will help ease back discomfort, stop bra straps from falling (or crawling) and will help define your bust v. your waist.  It the girls are sitting on your belly button (and you aren't a size 40 DDDD) it's time for a new bra!

2.  Define the smallest part of your waist (generally up higher than the belly button--sometimes right below the breasts) with a wide belt.  Pick a belt made of elastic because it will stay put better than a leather one.  And avoid skinny belts which may actually emphasize your tummy.  Please know you can belt anything--a cardigan, a dress, a white button down top, a blouse, a tunic ...

3.  Get a structured jacket or blazer.  Okay, this isn't dreamy for summer (except for cool summer nights) but this holds true the whole rest of the year. Get a blazer that fits well and you will instantly look slender!

4. Wear jeans that are slightly higher in rise.  Note: the band should still be BELOW the belly button but should be a few inches above the pelvic bone.  If pants are too low, hello muffin top!  But pants that are too high (the dreaded mom jeans) make your arse look huge and turn your extra tummy into a "front butt."  Not flattering.  Remember this rule: a bit higher but below the button.

5. Opt of empire waist clothing.  This naturally defines the smallest part of your body (waist) and flows elegantly over that which you wish to hide (without making it look like you are actually hiding something).

Avoid clothing that is the wrong size.  Too tight pants=muffin top.  Too big pants=look heavier.  Too tight shirt=too much information.  Too big shirt (especially if it is boxy)=an upper half that looks bigger than it really is.

For more information, watch what style gurus Clinton and Stacy have to say by clicking this link.

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