Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Days of Play--Mother's Day Crafts and Gifts

We're at that critical week before Mother's Day so I've scoured the internet to find fun Mother's Day craft projects you can make with your children (perhaps for Grandma).

I know it is easy to get wrapped up in what you can BUY for the mom in your life but sometimes the best gifts are those you can make.  Enjoy some quality time with your children making an easy yet sentimental gift.

First up, this super cute foam-flower picture "album."  All you'll need are photos, foam, pipe cleaners, stapler, tape, flower pot and paint.  To get the directions, click this link.

Photo Source

Here's another "sweet" twist to a home-made bouquet!  Get some DumDum suckers, cute paper out into the shape of hearts and WaLa!  A sweet bouquet.  Want the directions?  Click here.
Photo Source
Finally, here is a card that you could make for mom (or grandma) but I think you could make one a bit larger and make it a small wall or door hanger.  Who doesn't love curlicues? Click here for directions.
Photo Source  
Now if you just have to buy a gift to celebrate the occasion, then can I suggest ETSY? I love Etsy stores and here are some delightful, unique, and affordable gift options!

One of a kind earrings from Design Ambition:

Whimsical artwork Blendastudio:

Ruffled Scarf from 2littlefriends:

Happy crafting with the kiddos.

Happy Etsy retail therapy.

Happy Mother's Day.

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