Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Days of Play: Gettin' Around

Nothing is so lovely as a child blowing the puff-ball seeds of a dandelion into the air. 

M.E. did just this as we walked from the library to our car last week.  And then she asked what the puffy things were.  I told her they were seeds and that by blowing on them, she was helping to plant more dandelions (sorry to those of you who hate dandelions). 

It dawned on me that I should show M.E. how plants can be spread by humans, animals, insects, the wind, etc.

To do this, I put a big puffy sock on the OUTSIDE of her shoe (and one on the outside of her brother's because he was insistent) and we went for a brief walk in the little field outside of our house.

When we came back in, I took the socks off and set them on the table (which, by the way, I 409ed before we ate there).  We looked at all the weird pokey things attached to the sock.  I was able to point out things that were seeds (I think) and was able to tell her that insects like bees help pollinate plants because the seeds stick to their legs like they stuck to her socks.

She found this very fascinating for about five minutes.  {Sigh}

Oh well, hopefully this will fun lesson will stick with her in the future.

If you want to do this--get a sock, go for a walk, have a talk.  The End.

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