Friday, May 20, 2011

Date Night {OUT}: Progressive Dinner

I love progressive dinners!

Here's the main concept: you eat a different course at different restaurants/houses.  That's it!

This date can be done two ways: solo or with a group of friends. Read on!


If it's just going to be you and your husband, map out some restaurants you'd like to eat at.  Go to restaurant #1 for an appetizer.  Go to restaurant #2 for soup or salad. Go to restaurant #3 for a main course.  Go to restaurant #4 for dessert.  Go to restaurant #5 for drinks/hot drinks.

You can choose to do this fast food style to keep it fast and cheap OR make a night of it and go to sit down restaurants.  Sure your servers might think you are nuts but leave a good tip and they'll forgive you!

Get together 3-5 other couples.  On five slips of paper, write down a course (appetizer, soup/salad, main, dessert, drinks).  On another five slips of paper, write down a theme.  For examples, you could do countries (US, Mexico, France, Italy, China) or colors (red, white, black, yellow, green).  Put the slips in two different bowls.

Now, have one person from each couple grab a slip from each bowl to let them know what course/theme to follow.  For example, you could have to make a Italian dessert or a red main course.  Encourage couples to go ALL OUT decorating in their theme.

Finally, schedule times to be at each others homes.  For example, start appetizers at 430.  Move to soup house at 5:15, etc.  Whoever has the final course should prepare games for people to play or provide another form of entertainment.

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