Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Think About--Being Alone

You'd probably never guess this but I'm an introvert.

People are always surprised when I identify with this group because I'm so quirky and outgoing.

So often introverts are painted with brush strokes that leave them nailed to the wall as people too afraid to talk, even if they wanted to.

Obviously that is not me.

I love people.  I love to be around people. But being around people comes at a huge cost for me--namely that it is draining (in a good way, but still).

Sometimes I want to run away from it all.  I don't want another hug or phone call.  I want to log off Facebook and turn off the phone.

I.       Want.      To.        Be.       Alone.


Not alone with my family but alone with me.

Because I learned a long time ago that when I don't have serious alone time, I get edgy(ier).  I stop being able to do the things I really like to do, like write, because my focus is all off.  I start to pull away from the ones I love--I can't give them the best of me when I feel like I've lost the best of me.

It's be a long time since I've really been alone.  I mean, I always dive into my hot shower and stay put for a half hour just to recollect myself but I feel like  I need something more.

Like a whole day where I'm not connected to social networks.  A whole day where time is NOT of the essence.  A day where I can sleep in (or not), watch cheesey movies (or not), listen to my music or sit in silence.  A day to stop, stand still, listen, and refresh.

I need to be alone.

Because when I've been alone, I really look forward to seeing the people I miss.  I'm filled to the brim with energy and I'm ready to re-connect.

What I Think is that I need a peace retreat where I can be alone.

How about you?


  1. I am pretty much the same. Having some alone time is crucial to my sanity. I like being around people so much more when I have a decent amount of time in between.

  2. That would be wonderful right now! Is one day really that much to ask?

  3. I am with you 100%!! The idea of being alone for one day is so luxurious!

  4. I could not agree with this post more. Nap time is all I have and a full day is needed like soon...! (i.e. I am getting edgy(ier) by the moment. LOL!

  5. What mom doesn't want to be alone? My "alone" time is usually my grocery shopping time. I'm grateful that my husband stays with the kids while I shop, but it sucks that I have to use my allotted time to search for bargains and try to remember what brand of cereal my kids are eating this week. Sometimes I sneak up to my bedroom with a basketful of laundry just so I can be alone while I fold and I'm always secretly disappointed when my husband follows me to "help".

  6. I'm totally an introvert BUT I've never been alone in my entire life for longer than a few hours. As long as I get to zone out with a good movie once in a while or go shopping by myself, I'm good. :)

  7. I am an extrovert but I have to say I love the thought of being alone truly for a small amount of time. I do get out every once in a while but that's to run to the store or picking up a kid from something but to actually be in a place with no one for a while is a nice thought. I get time without kids once a week but I most of the time use it for "Friend time." I might just have to try to be by myself one day...thanks for your post.

  8. Amen, sister! Even just a few hours would be good ha! I like to sometimes sneak out after hubs gets home, and he plays the Wii and baby sleeps. I have like a good hour to shop and maybe 2 hr if I choose to go to Target ha! I come home refreshed!


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