Friday, April 22, 2011

Quietly Contemplating

I'm quietly contemplating what today means.

What it holds.

Why it is relevant ... 

                                     today ... 

From palms to passion.

From Hosanna! to Barabbas!

From desperation to desertion.

Oh how fickle the followers who wanted freedom without sacrifice...

...the crown without the cross.

Today I quietly contemplate.

And though I don't understand, You left PEACE for your followers. 

I receive it.

I believe it.

I will live it.
Out of Jesus' affliction came a new sense of God's love and a new basis for love between men, so out of our affliction we may grasp the splendor of God's love and how to love one another. Thus the consummation of the two commandments was on Golgotha; and the Cross is, at once, their image and their fulfillment. ~Malcolm Muggeridge~
Peace be with you.

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