Monday, April 18, 2011

My Feet-Washing Theory

Some people have great, deep thoughts.

I have a theory about people and feet washing.

Brace yourself.

I'm clearly a Type-A personality.  I micro-manage the micro-managing Apps on my IPhone.  I get irritated when the weather doesn't listen to me. 

I would never, and I mean NEVER, get out of the shower without washing my feet.  Not the proverbial "washing" which is actually code for, "I let the water run past it--doesn't that count as clean?" but really washing my feet.  With both hands.  With soap.  I'm not getting out of the shower until I'm convinced my 10 little piggies are squeakly clean.

My husband (the reason for this theory), on the other hand, is content to let the water wash away his foot grime.  {Yes, I did just admit to seeing Matt shower before.  Sorry.  I'd tell you he was in a swimsuit but that would be a lie.  And if I'm admitting to my foot-washing theory, there's no need to lie.}  But seriously, he doesn't bend over to wash his feet.  He doesn't use soap.  He just assumes that the water will do a good enough job (and that no one is looking that closely).

Matt and I approach people the same way we approach our foot washing. 

I don't trust people, like I don't trust water to do the job.  If something needs done, I do it.  Or I at least set it up and manage it to death.

Matt is more trusting.  He gives people leeway.  Time.  He trusts that it'll all work out in the end--whether he gives it effort or not.

I've been on a mission to see if this theory works for others too.  Most of the people I ask line up.  Type A's wash their feet.  More laid-back people trust the water to do it.  One way is not better than the other; they are just different. 

Now I'm convinced that your foot washing preference says a lot about your interactions with people, your trust levels, your personality ...

Does it hold up with you?

Are you a foot washer or a water truster?


  1. I'm a type A water truster.

    I don't, however, trust conventional mops or most household cleaners. As a self confessed cleaning-with-bleach addict, I would say we all have our own neuroses. That's what makes us so beautifully different.

  2. I'm totally a laid-back, let the water do it, kind of person. Unless I know that my feet are grimy or dirty and then I'll be sure and wash them.

  3. I am type A on a lot of things, but not feet washing. I am, however, an obsessive hand washer.

  4. I would say my hubby and I are the complete opposite in the foot-washing department. I'm a water-truster, he's a washer. However, when it comes to interactions with other people, he's laid back and trusting and I am so untrusting that I wonder if I'm a tad bit crazy sometimes. So, I guess the theory doesn't hold true for us, but it is an interesting concept.


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