Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Friday: Ruffles--Goin' Nowhere!

Some trends come and go and others stick with us for a while.

I'm hoping the harem pants obsession leaves fast.  Ruffles, on the other hand, are feminine and classic and I'm glad to see they'll be hanging with us again this Spring/Summer.

Here are some great ruffle tops to drool over:

Want the look but prefer to make it yourself?  Why, here you go!

A ruffle skirt you can make.
Source Ruffles and Stuff
Or maybe you'd like to make a ruffled shirt?  Here you go!
Source: Ruffles and Stuff

Here's a ruffle scarf you might love.
Source: Make It and Love It

Ruffles--they even work for the home!
Source: Ruffles and Stuff
 Go Team Ruffles!


  1. I love the ruffled skirt - a fun spring DIY!

  2. That ruffled scarf is adorable!


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