Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Days of Play: Family Movie Night {The Emperor's New Groove}

To learn more about family movie nights, please refer to my previous post here.

I also STRONGLY encourage you to check out Family Movie Nights from Plugged In for movie suggestions and curriculum!

For this family night, we'll be watching The Emperor's New Groove!


For this family night you'll need:
  • Some photos or a website about Llamas
  • A family-friendly meal (maybe let your kids choose!)
  • Blocks
  • Movie
  • Blankets/pillows
  • popcorn or other snacks
Start your evening off by asking kids what they know about llamas.  Show them photos or funny (previewed) videos of llamas online.

Next, make dinner together. This can be an elaborate family pizza or simple mac-n-cheese.  Let your kids pick the meal tonight and spend time cooking together.

After dinner, build a pyramid of blocks.  See who can make the biggest, silliest, tallest ...

Finally, pop popcorn, get snacks, get comfy and settle in for a show.

After the movie, ask your kids some questions (from Plugged In curriculum):
  1. How does Pacha treat Kuzco even though Kuzco is mean to him?  How should we treat those who are unkind to us?  Read Matthew 5:46
  2. Kuzco grew up having everything he wanted and not being disciplined.  How does this make him act?  Why are boundaries/rules good for children?  Are any of our rules unfair?
  3. Kuzco is blind to the needs of others because he is selfish and greedy.  How are his actions different than Jesus'?  Read Philippians 2:3-4 and talk about how to put others first.

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  1. Kuzco is a brat, a hilarious brat. I love that movie, it does teach people to think about how their actions can affect others.


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