Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Days of Play: The BEST Easter Eggs EVER!

I've gushed about how much I LOVE Our Best Bites a time or two (or nine million--whatever).

Anyhow, I saw these eggs last year and didn't make them but you can bet your sweet biscuits I'm making them this year!
Source: Our Best Bites
Um ya, aren't those the most B.E.A.utiful eggs ever?  They look floral and tie-dyed.  I mean you'd never guess they were totally made from these--but they are!
Source: Our Best Bites

If you are uber impressed by these amazing eggs I encourage you to make some.  Today.

Here's what you'll need to pull off the best looking Easter Eggs in your neighborhood!
-Raw Eggs
-Glass or enamel pot (but pretty much any non-aluminum pot will be fine)
-Silk ties, blouses, or boxers, cut into pieces large enough to cover an egg
-An old white sheet, or pillowcase, or tablecloth, or random fabric, cut into pieces to cover silk-wrapped eggs
-Twist ties or string
-4 tablespoons of white vinegar
-Warm water
-Vegetable oil
-Paper towels
-Tongs or spoon

Oh, and you'll need the directions so head to Our Best Bites Silk Dyed Easter Eggs and get those! 


By the way, if you make a rockin' Easter Egg, be a dear and send me a photo so I can totally brag about your awesomeness on my blog!


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