Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I {DON'T} Love: Hello Debby Downer!

Well, it just feels like it's time for another installation of things I DON'T love. You know, before you start thinking I'm too PollyAnna-ish.

I DON'T love:

1.  Driving Under the Influence (of a cell phone)

Seriously, 90% of people think they are better drivers than everyone else.  That math doesn't add up.  Most people over-estimate their ability to drive and pay attention. You cannot text and drive.  If you do, you shouldn't.  It's dangerous.  If you don't care about yourself and your children, then stop typing and driving for my sake and my children's sake!
2. Hammer Pants

I can't STAND Harem pants.  Really, these need to go the way of M.C. Hammer!  No one should touch this.  Ewww!  Really, they look like giant diapers and anything that makes runway models look sloppy isn't touching me!

3.  One-piece clothing (also known as adult onesies)

I SO DON'T LOVE one-piece pant suits!  When we were in Vegas we took in a Guess Fashion Show and there was a model who was tall and thin and everything I hate about models and she was in a one-piece pant suit that made her arse look like it was a double wide.  Eww!  Rompers?  Double Eww!  Yes yes, they are all the rage.  I bet this rage is gone in a year. Here's hoping!

    4.  Charlie Sheen

    Charlie Sheen. Enough said!
    5. Shopping with children

    I can't stand going grocery shopping with my kids.  Phew!  There.  I said it.  I know some moms who think this is a great time to explore and have color conversations with kids.  I've even had a mom friend who gave her child fake grocery lists to do scavenger hunts with (seriously, I'm not making this up). To me grocery shopping with kids feels like "fight with your children constantly about why they can't have this, or that, or that" time!  Even worse--I hate it when grocery shopping has to double as my "alone time."

    How do you make a trip to the store with kids an event that doesn't make you want to go join Charlie Sheen and his "winning" team?

    So, what DON'T you love?


    1. I totally thought your post was going to be about how obnoxious Debby Downer's are. I was all ready to give you a resounding amen! :)

      Btw, I love grocery shopping by myself. While I don't give in to Lillian's things she NEEDS, somehow I make wayyy more impulse purchases when she's with me because talking to her and whatnot makes me distracted and lose willpower. Which explains why I have a bag of reeses pieces in my cabinet...

      I don't love the law that makes it illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving. How is that any different than talking to the person sitting next to you? Huh?

      I don't love hot tea. Sorry!

      I don't love 75% of the 80's inspired trends coming back. No to the bulky glasses. No to the boxy cropped tops. No to the pleated trousers. No to the harem pants. No to neon colors.

      I don't love sushi. I think it's overhyped. Or maybe I'm just lame...which is entirely possible.

    2. Oh, I could go on forever.

      I don't like hypochondriacs and, unfortunately, the miracle called Facebook has brought all of them right to my computer screen each and every day. Drives me nuts.

      Along the same line as hypochondriacs...I don't like drama queens either. You know the type...they ALWAYS have some big dramatic situation going on in their lives that they have to tell everyone about. And, again, Facebook brings it right into my "personal space" every day.

      I don't like teenagers and twenty-somethings who think they don't need to wear sunscreen.

      I don't like I don't do it. Ever.

      I don't like people who don't respect their co-workers enough to show up to work on time and do their jobs like they are supposed to. A job is a privilege, not a right.

      I also don't like shopping with my kids. I find it a little easier with just Rheya because she still rides very nicely in the cart and doesn't give me a hard time. Neither kid ever begs for stuff, but they drive me crazy because I feel distracted and like I'm not moving fast enough. I hate that feeling.

      I really could go on and on...and on. But I will stop there. Thanks for the vent! I feel much better now!

    3. Hmmm. What don't I like? Pretty much everything that Jenny said about drama queens and facebook :) And I agree with Sarah on the new cell phone law. :)

      1. I don't like laundry. Really, really, irrationally hate the laundry.

      2. I don't like people who define themselves by their political party. Really, do you not have any more personal depth than that?

      3. I do not like feeling judged. Everyone should live and let live and if you don't agree, let it go.

      4. I don't like Facebook and am seriously considering cancelling my account.

      5. I don't like Kindles or really any technology. I don't understand it, and I don't understand why we insist on continually updating something that seems to be working just fine. It seems wasteful to me. Why do we need our entire world to exist on our phone? I know way too many people who lose their phones for that to be even remotely rational. As for Kindles, what in the world is wrong with a book?

      I guess that is it. I never really think about what I don't like so this took about ten minutes to come up with :)


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