Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Never--Day 15 {Valentine's Day Finale!}

Where is the ME in Mommy

Love never fails.

Get out your journal.  Now watch this video and reflect on it.

Do you believe what it says?  Do you believe that love never fails?  Do you feel like love has failed you before?  If so, reflect on that--was it love?

Ask God to heal your heart and to show you that love, His love, never fails.

Plan a special evening for your spouse.

Invite him to spend the evening with you by using a Candy-Gram
Spend some time with a quiet, date night in.  If you want a date all planned out for you, may I suggest:
(Yes, you can click those links for some ready-for-your touch date ideas!)

Make your kids a Candy-Gram so they know how much you love them!

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