Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Is {NOT} ... Day 9

Where is the ME in Mommy
Love is not ... a record keeper of wrongs.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I totally struggled with unforgiveness.  It feels so powerful to be in the position to forgive someone--or not.  But unforgiveness is not healthy for us!

Examine your heart.  What people/instances cause you bitterness or pain?  Reflect on a particularly painful memory and ask yourself, "have I forgiven them?"

If you harbor resentment and an unwillingness to unforgive, consider what it is costing you.  Does it make you bitter?  Do you think about the person/situation over and over?  Does it cause you to be angry? Do you feel burdened? Hurt? Betrayed?
These feelings are the bad fruit of the sick weed of unforgiveness. 

It is hard to forgive.  Sometimes it feels impossible.  If you are in a position where you feel you simply can't forgive, then say a little prayer "God, help me to forgive."  He can and he will, if you are willing to be open.

Ask your spouse to share with you a hurt you have caused him.  Don't defend your actions; don't justify bad behavior; don't belittle his feelings.  Ask to be forgiven.

Today model forgiveness for your children.  If they are disobedient and require correction, discipline them but be quick to offer forgiveness.  If you do something wrong, seek out your children.  Apologize and seek their forgiveness. 


  1. There is someone who hurt me and I won't ever forgive them. What they did could have gotten me in a lot of trouble (legal and financial) and they did it to be spiteful. The worst thing is I don't know for sure who did it, I just know they don't deserve forgiveness.

  2. I think you're so right. As much as I'd LOVE to believe that my NOT forgiving someone would hurt THAT PERSON... I have to admit that my witholding forgiveness doesn't even come close to hurting them back. It only registers in MY OWN HEART! And then it eats me alive!
    Sometimes forgiving and letting go of a grudge is hard... especially when someone was intending to hurt you. But the truth is that forgiveness always lightens my load.


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