Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Is {NOT} ... Day 8

Where is the ME in Mommy
Love is not ... easily angered.
Honestly, anger is my emotional drug of choice.  It feels good to be angry, doesn't it?!? That "ha, I got you!" feeling isn't healthy, though!

Set a time for three minutes.  Get your journal and something to write with.  For the next three minutes,  write down things/people/situations/events that make you angry.  Don't think--write.  Fast.  Let it out.

Now pray through the list.  Pray that you would not be easily angered.  Forgive the people who make you angry.  Forgive yourself.

If anger is your drug of choice, consider spending some time examining "roots" of your anger.  Are you really using anger to cover up another emotion (like I do)?  Is something deeper, like unforgiveness, going on?


Ask your spouse how he knows you are angry.  What is the "fruit" of your anger?  Are you quiet?  Do you sulk?  Are you demeaning? Do you stomp about?  Get to know what anger looks like from your spouse's perspective.

Seek his wisdom on how you can more appropriately handle your anger as it concerns him.

And don't get angry when he tells you this :)

Commit for one day to NOT get angry with your children.  Be calm and mild-mannered toward them. 


  1. Oh yes.. Anger is the easiest emotion for me to feel when something is wrong! I've even been angry BECAUSE I felt sad before... I need therapy! ;)

  2. I hate feeling angry, it's the worst feeling. It leaves me feeling physically drained.
    I would love to be less angry, I will definitely write down the things that make me angry and then try to deal with them calmly.


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