Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Always--Day 12

Where is the ME in Mommy

Love always trusts.
The more I look at the scriptural aspects of love, the more I realize how bad I am at love.  Reagan does not always trust.  In fact, Reagan almost never trusts.  ANYONE. 

In your journal, make a list of who you really trust.  Once you have your list, pick one person and make a list of qualities that makes you trust that person.  What are the qualities you trust in people?
Now think about a time when you trust was broken.  What happened?  What was your response?  Were you ever able to re-gain trust in that person? How?

Take your husband for a trust walk.  Blindfold your husband and walk him around the house.  Make sure you keep him close and safe.  Now, reverse roles.

Discuss trust. Was it easy to physically trust your spouse?  Is it easier to trust someone with your physical being or your emotions?  In what ways do you need to start trusting one another more? 

As a family, do a trust fall.  Have kids stand on a chair and fall backwards into your arms.  Let your kids know they can trust you! 

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  1. I'm bad with trust to - it takes a while for someone to earn it and if they ever break it, it's gone forever.

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to let my husband blindfold me and lead me around the house - he likes to exploit my fear of falling too much. :)


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