Saturday, February 26, 2011

Days of Play: Dr. Suess's Birthday!

Prepare for Dr. Suess's March 2 birthday by engaging in some pre-birthday festivities!

Start your Saturday morning off with a reading of Green Eggs and Ham.  For breakfast make some green scrambled eggs, ham, and dye white grape juice green for a very festive breakfast.

Then watch Horton Hears a Who as a family.  Popcorn optional but encouraged!


Make a pencil Horton Hears a Who craft (Source: FamilyCrafts)

After movie and craft time, spend some time online. Go to and play a few games.

In the afternoon, do a reading of Red Fish, Blue Fish and then make a tissue paper fish (source

Of course, you can eat Goldfish crackers while you are crafting!

At the end of our day, my kids are going to clean up in a great big bath full of green water and some play Yertle the Turtles (and a book reading as well!).

Enjoy your special pre-birthday funtivities!


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Wish I had a little one around. Kinda reminds me of elementary with week of Dr. Seuss.

  2. I love Dr Seuss. I used to have so many of his books, and still do somewhere at my grandfather's house.

  3. My parents didn't read me Dr Seuss when I was a kid, I think he was more popular in America. But his work does sound fun and I am all for celebrating birthdays of authors.


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