Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines Day--Ewww!

A week{ish} ago I posted a little DIY tutorial on making a "Dayt book" for your spouse.  Inside are 12 pre-planned dates.  The purpose: to get you to spend adult only, fun and romantic time with your partner.

I hope that from such posts you know how much I value romance and dating my husband.

Why then, would I say "Ewwwwwwww!" when it comes to Valentine's Day?

Well if you want me to be honest, I think it is a commercialized holiday.  Who was St. Valentine?  Beats me so why would I celebrate it?

I think Valentine's Day is nothing more than a way from companies to sell over-priced cards filled with sentiments we didn't write, candy companies to pawn off red, heart shaped boxes of chocolates to guilty husbands buying last minute because they forgot the holiday anyway, and restaurants to be filled with couples forcing the intimacy issue because today is, after all, Valentine's Day.

Some will say that it's just a day to celebrate love and if that's what it is to you, more power to you.  But I'd rather have the romance and intimacy mindset year round rather than wait for a "holiday" to tell me what to buy and what to wear, and where to go to be "romantic."

Though I generally protest Valentine's Day as a matter of principle, this year I've decided to take a different approach.  If I want my love life to be a mindset, why not practice what I preach?

I'm sure many of you have heard of or done the Love Dare.  The Love Dare is a forty-day intimacy increasing idea from a low-budget movie called "Fireproof." I'm NOT doing the love dare.  I know a lot of blogs are posting elements of the Love Dare for free and I disapprove of that; it robs the authors' of the rights.  So, if you are looking for a way to do The Love Dare for free, you'll need to find another blog.

I am, however, taking a basic idea--looking at scripture--and creating dates, acts of service, gifts, and personal challenges from what I read.

Everyday from now until Valentine's Day I'll be posting a "challenge."  On Valentine's Day I'll plan a special time of love and intimacy to celebrate meeting my challenges.

Hopefully this activity will make me cultivate the skill of intentionally seeking out my spouse,  build my character, and improve our marital intimacy--one day at a time.

Join me, if you dare!  If you do, please put the LOVE IS button on your blog so we can connect!

(P.S.  I will have a "caveat" on each challenge if you would like to do the challenge to make you a better parent!).

LOVE IS... Challenge #1
The first challenge address this issue: LOVE IS PATIENT.

Take a moment and journal what you think patient is.  What does patient look like?  

Think of a time you have been patient.  How would that situation have been different if you were impatient? 

Think about a time you were impatient.  How did it turn out? What would have been different if you were patient, instead.

Are there certain things, as related to your spouse or kids, that make you impatient?  Make a list.  

Pray over the list.  Pray that today you would not be impatient with your husband or kiddos.


Think of a game or activity that takes quite a bit of time.  Tonight, block off a certain amount of time and spend it engaging in an activity TOGETHER than requires communication, time, and patience.

We'll be playing chess!


If you are like me baking/cooking with your children can be stressful.  Today make something in the kitchen with your kiddos.  Remind yourself to be patient and have fun! 

If cooking with kids doesn't ruffle your feathers, consider giving your kids a SUPER LONG, BUBBLY bath or playing with Play-dough--surely I'm not the only one who gets in a tizzy over those activities!

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  1. But it's sooo fun having your kiddos help in the kitchen! You just have to mentally prepare that a, the kitchen will get dirty. Let it. And b, that your kiddos cooking experiments may not always result it pretty food.

    I'll probably sit through an entire NHL game on the tv as my act of patience for Khale since he hates games. :)

  2. I mistakenly made a comment to my mum that Cal wouldn't be getting me anything for Valentines day. She turned around like her bum was on fire and in the most condescending voice ever said "Of course he will".
    Um, no, he won't. Our anniversary is the day after, why would we celebrate a day in which we feel forced to be romantic when we could just ignore it and enjoy our anniversary the day after?

    Even after I explained this mum still acted like I was nuts. After all why wouldn't I enjoy a sickly sweet and rather fake holiday?
    Beats me.


  3. I love this idea! I completely agree with you on the whole Valentine's Day thing. I am going to do this challenge I think it will be good for me with my relationship with my husband and my girls. Patience is one of my biggest struggles. This is a good place to start!

  4. Girl, I would so join you if I could on this love challenge. I think this is great! My hubby travels for weeks at a time; I am solo through Valentines week...Maybe next year?!

  5. @Sarah--I think it takes patience to watch a whole NHL game. That counts.

    @Pam--Stick to your guns on this one! (as if you needed my permission!)

    @Sarah M--Blogging it?? Let me know how it goes!

    @Jillian--perhaps you could do this for your kids are for YOU. Examining your patience, kindness,areas to improve on ... would reap benefits for all, even if DH is gone :(


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