Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love--Settlers of Catan

I'm kind of a game person.

Perhaps this is because I like interacting with people or because I'm HYPER competitive.

I don't know why I like games, but I do.

My all-time favorite game is The Settlers of Catan

Our friends Andrew and Jess taught us to play in the early 2000s and we are hooked!

Essentially Catan is like a mix between Monopoly and Risk, except it has a definite ending.  To play you set up the board (which can look different each time) and start to "settle" the island.  You have to use trade to buy things and economic concepts such as supply and demand greatly affect the game's outcome.
This photo shows the basic layout but pieces move so it's a different game each time!  Source

I used Settlers of Catan in a ninth grade classroom to introduce students to economic concepts.  One student from that class has since gone on to Penn to major in economics.  His entrance essay discussed how he came to love economics: through a crazy teacher who taught him to play Catan.

Now honestly, the game is overwhelming to learn at first but once you do, it's addictive. You can add on other games (we have Cities and Knights and Seafarers).  The fun multiplies!

On the downside, this game is really only for up to 6 adults and is not fun with just two adults.  Young children shouldn't play (or eat the small game pieces).

But if you are a board-gamer looking for your next game to obsess over, might I recommend The Settlers of Catan?

What games do you love?


  1. I am just learning how to play this. It is a lot of fun! Right now our favorite game is Apples to Apples.

  2. We play that too except we can never find anyone to play with. Maybe we will have to have a couples game night some time!

  3. I love Cranium! It's a way to get all sorts of fun games in one. Have you played?

  4. I think we should have a moms night and play this. I've only played twice but I loved it both times. :)

  5. We have loved this game the few times we have played it! :) I love word games. Buzz-word, scrabble, boggle, lexigo, scattergories! Matt loves Risk, Dominion, Settlers, and the one he got for Christmas was Munchkin. We also played The OFfice Clue over Christmas which was fun!


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