Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love--Glee

I'll admit it loud and proud.

I'm a Gleek!
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 I know the show has come under fire for not demonstrating reality in glee clubs (after all, how many glee clubs can pull off seven musical numbers in a week AND have coordinating outfits for each one?) but I still love it.

Though Glee doesn't fairly portray glee clubs the TV show does portray some pretty raw, very real life problem.
  1. Teenagers are having sex and having babies. 
  2. Athletics are often over-funded while the arts are under-funded.
  3. Differently abled students do not receive "fair" or "equal" treatment.
  4. Bullying and harassment--especially as directed toward sexual minorities--is out of control.
  5. Teachers most often respond to bullying (again, especially directed to GLBTQQI) without response.  Non-intervention is a systemic problem that only exacerbates harassment.
I love that Glee is bringing up some tough issues.  I love that Glee can temper these tough issues and make them ironic.

And I really love that Glee doesn't back down.  The show has come under fire for numerous issues: drug use, teenage sex, homosexuality ... the list goes on.  But the writers and actors seem to get something: these are REAL issues and ignoring them for the past few decades hasn't exactly work.

Perhaps Glee's IN YOUR FACE approach is what I love most.

They show us our true colors.  And if we don't like what we see, then perhaps it's time for a change.  Not in channels, but in society.


  1. OMG I LOVE GLEE!!!! Best show ever - it tells it like it is with a sense of humor and touch of sass - all while singing and dancing. :)

  2. I quit watching Glee when the show topics started to get more and more risque. I really do worry that this is a real representation of high school (and hope it's not). It's horribly sad how the kids act like adults. I would love to change society, but all I can really change is my kids - to teach them that the world's standard of behavior is not okay and that I expect them to have better standards than their classmates.

  3. Glee is my pandora station of choice. :)

  4. You're a Gleek? That's cute!

    I've never heard that term before, love it!

    Another note, did you see my give-away?

    Stay Happy and Positive!





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