Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Guest Blogger} Things I Love--Responsibility Chart

Welcome to today's guest blogger, Sarah!

Sarah is from the South and loves to cook.  She's the cookin' cutie behind Frontier Kitchen.  I may have mentioned a few thousand times how much I love her cooking and trust me, I'm not making this up.  I. Love. Her. Cooking

Though Sarah is one of my BFFs (which is why we can double date and do Twilight stuff together), I'm pretty sure my tummy/muffin top/thighs are convinced she's the devil incarnate.  Check out her blog. You'll understand.

Anyhow, big huge THANK YOU to Sarah for contributing to this week's "Things I Love ..."


I haven't met a mom who doesn't love Melissa & Doug products. They're fantastic, durable and classic.

One of my favorite products of theirs is the Responsibility Chart.
I have an earlier version of this one for my daughter. My mom had bought two for my younger brothers over ten years ago and thoughtfully sent one of the charts to us last year for Lillian to use.

I love how these are magnetic so you can adjust it each month for the responsibilities you want your child to work on depending on their age or skills you want them to learn. Right now my daughter's has: get dressed, put away toys, set the table, stay dry, no whining, help mom, and take care of pets.

I love how all the responsibility magnets have pictures of what needs to be done along with the words for them. This is not only good for children who can't read yet, but it also helps them understand that words have specific meanings by routinely seeing them used together.

I love that you can work with your child to set goals to keep them motivated to work on their responsibilities. So with my three-year-old, I set rewards up (getting ice cream, buying a small toy/book, an hour at Chuck E Cheese, etc) and also use words of encouragement. This appeals to the strong extrinsic motivation all young children have and also nurtures their development towards intrinsic motivation. 

What system do you have to encourage responsibility in your children?

Want to know where else you can catch Sarah?  She's on The Dating Divas today and is giving away a necklace and ear ring set. Do you want to know more?  Click here!


  1. And I love when people love my cooking. It's my favorite. :)

  2. I certainly agree with the I Love Sarah's Cooking! She fed us very well during a recent visit. I was also very impressed with the Responsibility of the best things I have seen for motivating and educating children in life skills. Can you tell us where they are available?


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