Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{Guest Blogger} The Reason Behind The Happy Dance

A big WITMIM? welcome to guest blogger Deanna. I "met" Deanna through the 30/30 challenge and she's offered to do a post for me while I'm in Mexico! (Do you get the feeling I'm rubbing it in? No, well how's this? I'm in Mexico. Na na na na na!) Just kidding ;)

Anyhow, please look at beautiful Miss Deanna and read all about WHY she's doing a happy dance ... digitally captured and shared online!

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Hello!  First of all I want to thank  http://whereisthemeinmommy.blogspot.com/  for the opportunity to be on her great blog!

I'm Deanna and I am  the 34 years young Jewelscapes jewelry designer and creator,  photographer of myself and my creations, mama of 3 rascally kids who’s names I change for blog land (Sunshine – 13 years old///L man – 7 years old///Little S – 3 years old), wife of a hardworkin man, and I daily share jewelry and outfit coordinating ideas at my blog http://www.jewelscapes.blogspot.com/ !

This outfit and jewelery coordination was for a little luncheon I threw for some girlfriends! Woo Hoo!

When you are the mama of 3 kids and work from home, making time to hang out with a group of your girlfriends doesn’t happen as often as you’d like, so I was pretty excited about it.

That’s why I’m doing a little happy dance in those photos!

We had a great time visiting, exchanging advice, making baby shower invitations for another friends baby shower, eating, and sipping some tasty drinks!

This occasion seemed to call for the comfort of a soft sweater,  lots of fun colors, and necklaces that swing, sway and  glimmer! Fun fun fun!!!

What do you think? If you are a mom, how often do you end up getting together with your girlfriends?  

Although I get together for lunch or a movie with one girlfriend at a time every once in a while, it’s been about a year since a whole group of us got together to hang out!  

What do you do when you get together, chill out at one of your homes or go out somewhere?

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  1. I LOVE your jewelry!!!! Have your ring tutorial and am itching to make one! Great pick Reagan!

  2. Deanna - I just added your button to the sidebar of my blog (www.thegreatgiftedgloriousgrahams.blogspot.com). I have my eye on the Liquid Sunshine!


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