Saturday, January 1, 2011

Days of Play--Snow Scream

Happy 2011 to you.  And if you are a number person, happy 1/1/11!

I'm a dreary weather person who likes the cold too.

None of this explains why I'm gearing up to head to Cozumel on Monday (except that I also LOVE to scuba dive and you can't do that in WY).

We've had unseasonably warm weather in WY this year so snow has been hard to come by.  Lucky me, though, we just had some serious winter weather.

To celebrate the onslaught of flakes, I put a big clean bowl on the deck.


To make Snow-Scream!


Ice cream made out of snow.  Basically this give adults an excuse to eat snow.

If you have snow, I encourage you to make snow-scream today.

Okay, okay--it's NOT as good as the stuff with cream and sugar but it's fun (dare I say magical) to make and I think since it's made of snow you could count it as an organic health food {wink}

What you'll need:

1 BIG bowl of snow (it compacts so you need a lot of snow--a gallon is about right).
1 cup of white sugar
1-2 cups of milk
vanilla or chocolate powder (to desired taste).

What to do:
  1. Get a bowl full of snow and stir in the sugar.
  2. Add in milk (any percent but the thicker--2%, whole, whipping cream--the creamier the taste) until the ice cream is the right consistency. (We like ours more like soft-serve than slushy).
  3. Add in flavoring.  We've done chocolate powder or vanilla but you could experiment with cherry or peppermint flavoring.
  4. Put in a bowl.
  5. Eat with your mittens on.


  1. yum! Here in Arkansas we get NO snow... it's rare for sure! When we have had it we try to make ice cream too. We use Eagle Brand in it!

  2. Happy New Year! I DON'T love the cold, which is one reason I stay in Phoenix. Much to my chagrin, my heat went out almost a week ago and due to the holiday season it's STILL not fixed. Thankfully it will be on Monday because we've had freezing weather. We're surviving with blankets and space heaters. Brrrr!


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