Friday, January 28, 2011

3 Way

From the process of "shopping" in my closet for the 30/30 challenge I learned to creatively mix clothing pieces.

Because of this challenge I am creating a new monthly feature called the 3 Way.

3 Way
Every month I am going to choose a "uniform" piece of clothing (something I routinely wear--think jeans, white T-shirts...) and I'm going to style it three different ways.  I'll compose the three photos and place them in a post the last Friday of the month.

I'm considering making this a "linky" challenge.  Anyone interested?  If so, leave a comment below!

While you are thinking, here's the first installment of 3 Way

First up, my favorite graphic T.  This $3 Target find is a wardrobe staple.  I generally wear it very dressed down with jeans.  So I challenged myself to some other looks.

Here's what I came up with!


Look #1--The usual. Jeans, knitted cardi, sandals ... all the fixin's for a lovely Indian Summer day.

Look #2--A little Emo (cuz' deep down I'm like that)--striped undershirt, graphic t, skirt, and boots.  Can you say--perfect for a day at the library with kids?

Look #3--Work day.  I managed to wear a T-shirt to work when I paired it with black slacks, heels, killer earrings, and one of my signature filly-jacket tops.

What I've learned: my favorite graphic T is SUPER versatile though I prefer it matched with the color gray (as is painfully evident). 

February's Challenge: Brown Long sleeved T-Shirt

Want to join me?  Pick one long sleeved T (brown if you have it, another color if you don't) and work it 3 ways.  Contact me about linking up to share your 3 way adventure!


  1. Fun!

    Is it weird that I don't have a basic brown long sleeve t-shirt?

  2. @Sarah--Not weird and if you want to participate, just use "another" long sleeved T.


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