Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Think About--Christmas v. Xmas v. Happy Holidays

Every year the same drivel gets hashed and re-hashed on the news (because apparently there are no real injustices or humanitarian issues to address).

Should we say "Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" or "Xmas"?

Seriously people, who cares?


I personally say "Merry Christmas" because I love Jesus and I think Christmas is about His birth.


But I also have "Xmas" on my Christmas boxes :GASP:

Now before you pull our your "Put Christ back in Christmas" bumper sticker, let me explain something to you.

We refer to God as the Alpha and Omega (It's biblical).  Did you know those letters are the beginning and the end of the Greek alphabet?  Is anyone offended that we'd refer to God with a O with a line through the middle?  Hardly.

Well in Greek X means "Chi" and is literally the start of the spelling of Christ.  So when I write Christmas XMAS- Christ is still in there.

So back off.

If the plan to use X was a huge conspiracy to make Christmas NOT about Christ, the attempt failed miserably (though I might add that attempts to minimize Christ by making Christmas totally consumer driven has worked beautifully--especially among Christians!).


And now the dreaded "Happy Holidays."

There is a lot of debate about why people say "Happy Holidays."

Some people claim that we say the generic term because there are a lot of holidays during the season so it's more politically correct.

Ohers feel like it is a personal way to attack Christians by claiming Christmas isn't about Christ.

And still others say it because "holiday" is short for HOLY DAY.  And Christmas is a holy day, is it not?

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

But does any of this matter?  Is it *really* worth getting worked up about?

Will saying "Happy Holidays" really cause a fellow Christian to stumble or an unbeliever to NEVER know Christ?

I have a feeling Christians would get a lot farther if they chose their battles.  If they fought for salvation issues--not heart issues.  Sometimes the best witness is to lovingly defer, not fight.

So here's my thought:

This year, instead of boycotting stores that say "Happy Holidays," what if we SHOWED the love of Jesus to people by serving them, not debating common vernacular?

What if we cared more about their salvation than we cared about their Christmas salutations?

What if we let the season be more about HIM that what others say or do? 

What if we got as riled up about human trafficking and poverty and war as we do "Happy Holidays?"

What I think is that the Christmas v. Xmas v. Happy Holidays debate is a ruse to give Christians, who would otherwise be involved in nothing and stand for nothing, a soapbox on which to stand and feel like important "good" Christians.  

Heck, as long as we can argue about linguistics, there's no need to take a stand about what REALLY mattered to Christ--loving people!

So to all those near and dear (and far and estranged) Merry Christmahanakwanstice (I had a student from a multi-religious family wear that shirt once).


  1. Very well said!'
    I never would have thought of it that deeply...have you heard the politically correct christmas song Brad Paisley sings?
    Anyways I love Christmas and I love to me that's what counts

  2. I find it silly when my local council panics and says "No Christmas decorations, no lights, and don't wish anybody a Merry Christmas, the Muslims are offended by this!" and the Muslims all say "Wait, we like the lights and we like it when people wish us Merry Christmas". I don't know why local town councils have to spread hate like this.

    I just wish people Merry Christmas, I'm not Christian but it's a Christian holiday so it's the polite thing to do.


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