Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--Christmas Trees

Freshly cut Christmas trees smell divine, don' they?

But cleaning up after a freshly cut Christmas tree can be a disaster!

Ergo, I have a lovely fake tree and I burn a pine smelling candle from Gold Canyon Candles called "Sleigh Ride."

Perfect solution .... for me.

If you love a fresh tree, like my dad, here's one way to help keep the needles on the tree.

Water your Christmas tree.

You're welcome.

No really, water is pretty essential so don't take it for granted.
 Follow these steps:
  1. When you get your tree home cut at least one inch off the base.  You need to do this for every tree that hasn't been cut in the last four hours.  Resin forms on the bottom of trees and keeps water out so if you didn't *just* cut that tree down (or if you just got it from a tree lot), cut off 1 inch minimum.
  2. DO NOT cut the tree in a V shape, at an angle, or drill a hole through the base.  This does not help with water absorption and makes it hard for trees to stand in their bases.
  3. Find a tree stand that fits your tree; don't cut the base down to fit the stand.  The outer parts of the bark are really important (which is why trees have it) so if your base doesn't fit, get a new one.  
  4. Your stand should be able to hold around a gallon of water.  (Yes, your tree might drink a gallon of water in a day). You'll want to refresh the water often; check it at least every other day.  If you are feeling particularly festive, give your tree a drink of 7 UP or ginger ale. **Try not to give your tree water from your water softener.  The sodium in water softeners can dry out your tree**
  5. Be smart about where you put your tree.  Keep it away from heat sources: furnaces, fire places, heating vents ... All of these will dry your tree out (not to mention the fire hazard).
  6. Use low-heat (LED) lights.  And turn them off when you go to bed and leave the house.
  7. If your tree dries out, you can "refresh" it by cutting another inch off the base.  Doesn't that sound dreamy?  No?  Okay then, just keep it watered and you'll be fine through Christmas.
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