Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Do Tuesday--Wish Us Happy Anniversary

******Today is our anniversary!******

Here are 21 Fun Facts about our marriage:

21.  We got married on a Saturday.  On the Friday before we finished our finals from grad school and law school, decorated, attended showers, a rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner.  Phew!

20.  Matt used a line on me: "So if I were gonna call you, what name would I look up in the phone book?"  My answer?  "I'm unlisted but if you'd like to ask for my number I'll give it to you."

19.  I kissed Matt first.  I'm kinda bold like that.  It was 3:00 am and freezing out.  He didn't walk me to my car (good thing too since I was floating).

18.  Our "song" is Little Black Backpack by Stroke Nine.

17.  We didn't dance to that at our wedding.  We danced to Back at One. There's a story there.

16.  We always go to bed at the same time.  Always.

15.  Matt told me early on he doesn't like onions or mushrooms.  I know 2 recipes that don't have one or the other in it.  He now likes onions and mushrooms.

14.  We like to recreate together--hiking, rock climbing, road biking, scuba diving ... give us the outdoors and each other and we'll be fine.

13.  Matt handles all our finances and I do all the cooking. We are like the stereotypical couple from the fifties (except I don't vacuum in dresses).

12.  We take the game "truth or dare" to new levels each time we play.

11.  We still date one another.

10.  We have never, ever used the bathroom in front of each other. (We said we'd never do that and his aunts said we'd cave one day. We've been together 11 years and I've never seen him pee!  Can I hear an amen?!?!)

9.  Matt throws up louder than anyone I know.  I stop being sympathetic right about the time his dry-heave sessions wake the kids.

8.  We have very secret codes, innuendos, and looks we give each other in public.  I've "said" some pretty naughty stuff in your presence ... trust me :)

7.  One time Matt's mom kept calling and calling and calling us.  When Matt finally answered, she asked where he was.  He said, "In the shower."  She asked, "Why didn't Reagan answer the phone."  He said, "Because she was in the shower."  Now my MIL (who is awesome BTW) just leaves a message.

6.  Matt is better at making breakfast than I am.

5.  My dad told Matt that he'd be the most wonderful person in the world, save that one week a month when he'd be the worst man alive.  My dad knows me all too well.

4.  Matt does kind things for me out of nowhere.  A lot.  One time he left fifty(ish) yellow post-it notes EVERYWHERE in our house telling me things he loved about me.  You can't buy awesomeness like that!

3.  Matt has never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary; if it weren't for me, he'd never remember his family member's birthdays or anniversaries.

2.  Matt and I laugh ... a lot.

1.  Though there have been ups and downs, and diagonals in our life and marriage, I wouldn't want to go through life without Matt.  He is my perfect provision!

Happy Anniversary, Map!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful marriage! :) Wishing you all the best.

  2. How sweet! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, you have some wonderful memories with him, I hope you have many more.

  4. Happy Anniversary! This is a lovely list and I feel like I could comment on each item. I won't, don't worry. I will say that I LOVE that you always go to bed at the same time.

    The Auspicious Life


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