Thursday, December 23, 2010

{Holiday} Things I Love--Traditions

My favorite part of the holiday season are the traditions.

I love that we do a big fancy-schmancy dinner on Christmas Eve and something low-key Christmas Day so I can enjoy time with my family and not my kitchen appliances.

I love that we eat the same coffee cake for breakfast every Christmas morning. 

I love that we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus before we eat that cake.

I love that we don't *have* to open presents first thing.

I love that we sit around an pajama clad audience and slowly open gifts--sharing what we received and thanking the giver.

I love that we go outside and worship in God's creation.

I love that we host an annual Christmas party and cookie swap.

I love that we act out the Nativity story with Little People.

These are little things--very little things--but to me, this is what makes this holiday season such a blessing.

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