Friday, December 17, 2010

{Girls} Date Night In: Cookie Swap

Every year I host an cookie swap and it is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

The Skinny:
  1. Each guest chooses 1 type of cookie to make and lets you know in advance so there aren't duplicates. 
  2. Each guest makes 1 dozen cookies per attendee PLUS a dozen to share on cookies swap day (that means if 5 people RSVP, you make 6 dozen of the *same* type of cookie--5 doz to give, 1 doz to share).
  3. Package cookies dozens individually (on paper plates, paper sacks, etc.) so they can be quickly and easily distributed. 
The Beautiful Part:
You leave the cookie swap with several dozens of DIFFERENT types of cookies that you can re-arrange and give to neighbors. I looks like you baked for hours :)

The Rules:
*Only make 1 type of cookie to swap (I've been known to break this rule BUT when I break it, I still make a dozen of EACH cookie.  So if I make buckeyes and pinwheels, each guest still gets 12 of each).
*Cookies only--popcorn balls, candy, fudge, caramels, etc. are really hard to divvy up.

The Event:
  • Send an evite to several friends explaining the process and the benefits.
  • The day of, make some tea, coffee, and cocoa, turn on Christmas music, and play hostess.
  • This can be a quick drop off-take-leave event or you can draw it out.  Have time to chat, sample cookies, and perhaps give white elephant gifts.
  • Make sure everyone leaves with cookies

Share the Love:
When the swap is all over, open up those cookies and layout a nice cookie assortment on plates.  Cover with wrap, add a bow and gift tag, and take to your neighbors.


  1. Lol. I read the do not like comments part and i was a little taken aback. Being a rebel, I just HAD to comment :)

    This sounds like a fun idea! That's a lot of baking, though. I get bored after two dozen!


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