Saturday, December 11, 2010

Days of Play--Make a {Christmas} Wreath!

I made my first wreath this fall and fell in love.

It was cute, unique, totally my style and cheap!  But then I repeat myself.

Consider making a wreath today.

Kiddos can help you pick colors and trimming and can even help design the layout. 

Step #1--Buy your supplies.

We went for a less-is-more candy cane color themed wreath.  I nearly caved to the maroon and gold poinsettias with sparkly cardinals but Matt would have hated it.  So M.E. and I negotiated and the theme "candy cane" worked (bribing her with an actual candy cane may or may not have helped).

I got everything at Michael's for 50% off.  I've listed the BEFORE discount prices.  Wreath 5.99.  Berries 1.99.  Ribbon 1.99.  Ornaments 2.49.  Pointsettas 1.99.  Final price after discount: $7.22

Step #2--Lay out your supplies to get a "feel" for the finished look.

Step #3--Weave the ribbon and berries through your wreath.

Step #4--Add your flowers and ornaments.

#5--Hang on your door and take more photos than necessary :)

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  1. It's very pretty, I made a wreath for my Mum a few years ago, she really liked it, I hot glued all the items on it so they wouldn't fall off. She hangs it up every year.


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