Monday, December 6, 2010

29/30--Easy Peasy!

One more day and I'm done.

Today I pulled out khakis and a white long sleeve shirt and a green ruffly shirt and it was wrong.  All wrong.  Even Matt agreed.

But the white T and khakis seemed so boring.

Matt had a point: I never wear that so even though it seems drab, it's unusual for me.

And it was easy.  After 29 days of missing sweaters and MaryJanes I was ready for easy.

Plus, I wore it with my fave necklace. For some reason I've totally neglected my necklace lovey this whole challenge.  Until today!

Want to know what else is easy?  Signing up to win my giveaway. <---Click that link

Seriously.  $50 could be a click and two comments away.


  1. @Shelly--Plato's Closet $3.50 :O)

  2. Nothing wrong with easy - the necklace makes it special!


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