Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's Cookin'--11/22-11/28

The holiday season is officially upon us but we've been so busy finishing our basement that I've hardly noticed.

I've even forgotten that we are supposed to eat (which explains the growing mountain of pizza boxes and carry out containers in the recycling).

The good news?  We are getting carpet on Monday. The construction zone is nearly finished and eating will return to normal!

I just now finished our weekly menu and our Thanksgiving feast.

Monday--Lime chili steak wraps with Spanish rice 
Tuesday--Orange Honey Teriyaki chicken with brown rice and asparagus
Wednesday--Garlic rubbed pork loin with steamed potatoes
Friday--Turkey noodle soup, salad, rolls
Saturday--Chili and cornbread (after our town's annual Christmas parade! YAY!)
Sunday--Baked potato bar

My Thanksgiving line-up:
Sweet Apple Cinnamon Brie en croute
Cranberry sauce
Sweet potatoes
mashed potatoes
fluffy salad
dinner rolls
green beans
relish tray
apple pie a la mode martini
pumpkin pie


  1. I won't be making it this Thanksgiving...but I want to make that cranberry sauce so badly! I may make it at Christmas time just to try it and see if I like it. I certainly don't like the canned stuff but the real stuff looks heavenly and I'm sure the boys would love it.

    Apparently I was in the same place as the famous Frontier Kitchen the other day. At BK, of all places. But I didn't even know it until later or I would have introduced myself. Haha! Kind of the local PW of Wyoming.

  2. Everything sounds delish! Especially that martini :)

  3. I am so going to try your awesome looking sweet apple cin. brie en croute!! Yummo!!


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